Stories by Mark Jones

Java apps revolve around Sun

From Project Relator to an internal program called JavaFirst, Sun Microsystems believes it's time developers started treating mobile devices like real computers. Mark Jones spoke with Sun's Rich Green, vice president of developer tools, and Jeff Anders, group marketing manager, at June's JavaOne show.

Dell readies new PDA, Smartphone

Dell Computer Corp. has revealed that the next generation of its Axim handheld will include both Wi-Fi and triband radios, signaling a new wave of mobile productivity. In addition, an executive at the company's headquarters here said Dell plans to develop a device based on Microsoft Corp.'s Smartphone platform.

HP vision short on experience

Hewlett-Packard Co. calls it the Adaptive Enterprise, but in reality it's an elaborate strategy that's long on business process re-engineering vision and short on real-world experience.

HP unveils Adaptive Enterprise strategy

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday will unveil its Adaptive Enterprise strategy here at an event scheduled to mark the one-year paper anniversary of the company's merger with Compaq Computer.

Mass collaboration

Collaboration technology suddenly finds itself split into two camps: those who get it and those who don’t. Groove Networks gets it, IBM Lotus gets it, Sun Microsystems is trying to prove that it gets it, but Microsoft is off with the pixies.

Taking collaboration to the masses

Collaboration technology suddenly finds itself split into two camps: those who get it and those who don't. Groove Networks Inc. gets it, IBM Corp. Lotus gets it, Sun Microsystems Inc. is trying to prove that it gets it, but Microsoft is off with the pixies.

Killing time with a handheld

Wireless is a rare bright spot in a world that has too much unproductive time on its hands. Downtime is bad. Multitasking is good.

Commerce One tunes Conductor for integration

Commerce One is attempting to re-establish itself on the enterprise road map with an application integration platform that seeks to redefine the role of internal developers.

DEMO - Demo searches for next big thing

Panelists at IDG Executive Forum's Demo conference on Tuesday offered a reality check on the "state of innovation," given the current negative economic climate.

Apple extends enterprise reach

Deepening its commitment to the enterprise, Apple Computer on Monday will announce its new Xserve and the company's first storage product, Xserve RAID.

Between a desk and a pervasive place

Until now, voice was largely missing from the enterprise collaboration and pervasive computing discussion. But with the convergence of open standards and the wireless build out, IBM Software is attempting to wrap voice into the Lotus evolution.

Sun targets customer needs

Sun Microsystems has strugged of late to find its focus during the economic downturn, but John Fowler, Sun's CTO for Software, sees opportunity for the company surrounding security, storage, and management issues. Fowler met with Mark Jones to discuss the company's plans with N1, Sun's hopes for influencing the standards process since joining WS-I, and to emphasise the importance of focusing on solving actual customer needs.

MySQL database popular but limited

MySQL is integral to Sun Microsystems' integrated open-source software stack, but developer MySQL AB freely admits it's not yet the cure-all alternative to the IBM's DB2 or Oracle's 9i databases.