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  • Melbourne Uni fights spaghetti threat with iPaaS

    The University of Melbourne has increased its use of cloud services as part of a broader innovation agenda — but that emphasis has brought with it the dangers of reverting to a previous condition of “spaghetti architecture,” according to Tommy Hoeglund​.

  • ‘Biometric Mirror’ reflects AI’s worrying potential

    ​Researchers at the University of Melbourne have designed a mirror which uses AI to detect an individual’s character traits based solely on their face. And it’s powerful enough to detect their levels of happiness, introversion and aggressiveness.

  • NBN R&D deal with unis to cover IoT, robotics, AI

    NBN says new R&D agreements the government-owned company has struck with the University of Melbourne and the University of Technology Sydney will focus on a range of areas, including robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), “technology for social good”, programmable networks, data analytics and visualisation with a focus on customer experience, AI, wireless technologies and smart cities.

  • Gender parity in computer science could take 280 years

    It will take close to three centuries for gender parity to be achieved among academics working in computer science unless action is taken to fix the imbalance, according to new research from the University of Melbourne.