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  • Asia Pacific world’s hottest telco market

    Research firm Gartner is predicting that the Asia Pacific telecommunications market will topple North America as the largest, most lucrative telecommunications market for 2008.

  • Burgo's parting message: No one can build the NBN but Telstra

    Before returning to the US, Telstra's outgoing director of public policy and communications, Phil Burgess, took the opportunity to level a few parting shots at the ACCC, the government and Telstra's competitors, while insisting no one but Telstra can meet the government's requirements for the construction of a National Broadband Network.

  • Telstra shakes up mobile broadband pricing

    Telstra’s BigPond business unit has cut the price of its mobile broadband services and now charges the same rate for wireless mobile card plans as it does for wireless modem plans.