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  • Gartner: Android market share tops 50% worldwide

    <a href="">Android</a>'s well-documented <a href="">fragmentation issues</a> apparently <a href="">aren't deterring consumers</a> from snatching up Android phones.

  • IBM targets managed security service at iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry smartphones

    <a href="">IBM</a> is offering a <a href="">cloud-based managed service</a> for mobile devices that will let IT managers exert management and <a href="">security</a> controls over devices based on <a href="">Apple</a> iOS, Google <a href="">Android</a>, the RIM BlackBerry, Symbian and <a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="">Windows</a> Mobile.

  • Lumia seen as dim light in U.S. versus iPhone, Android

    Nokia's new <a href="">Windows Phone 7.5-based Lumia smartphones</a> won't cause many problems for Android-based devices and the iPhone in the U.S., three analysts predicted Wednesday.

  • Nokia and RIM, pioneers in wireless, seem to be on the ropes

    Tablets and smartphones have shaken up the computing world. Their impact may be most profound for Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM), two pioneers in wireless communications that are now scrambling to adjust to relative newcomers such as Apple and Google.

  • Apple rules phone, tablet browsing market

    Mobile browsing has more than doubled in the last year and now accounts for over 6 per cent of all online activity, according to a US a Web statistics company said today.

  • Android, iPhone biggest winners in global smartphone battle

    The latest global market-share estimates for smartphones are out. And as we've come to expect from these regular exercises in mobile OS number-crunching, the news is bright for Apple and Google, but a bit bleak for Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM), and Microsoft.