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  • The challenges of UX and crowdsourced testing

    The testing landscape is changing. In a recent forum that brought together software quality CIOs, CDOs and IT professionals, the salient point that came across was that the customer experience based testing is becoming the norm.

  • IT skills shortage could delay software development: Report

    The IT skills shortage continues to plague executives and developers alike and could lead to significant delays in the development of software and systems, according to a benchmarking report by a NATA accredited software testing firm.

  • Careers Q&A: Planit's Chris Carter

    Founder and managing director of software testing firm, Planit, Carter has been a big advocate of software testing skills and requirements over the years, setting up the Australian New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB) for the proliferation of standards qualifications locally. <i>Computerworld Australia</i> caught up with Carter to talk about the importance of software testing and where it's headed in the future.

  • Citrus squeezes SOA with open source test suite

    A Java-based testing framework, dubbed Citrus, aims to automate integration testing of message-based enterprise service-orientated artchitecture (SOA) applications by simulating surrounding systems across multiple protocols.

  • Enterprises loath to spend money on software testing

    It seems that the lessons about the recalled Toyotas have yet to sink in with senior management. Nearly one in ten businesses finds software testing to be unnecessary, while more than half agree that it's a necessity, but grumble about the cost.

  • Capgemini buys up Nu Solutions

    Consulting, technology and outsourcing services group, Capgemini Australia, has bought up Australian software testing company, Nu Solutions in a move designed to bolster Capgeminiā€™s position in the managed testing services market.