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  • Natures Organics renews IT environment

    Natures Organics is upgrading its IT systems as the natural cleaning products business seeks to polish operations and support a brand image of sustainability.

  • Meyer Cookware signs Pronto in ERP deal

    The Australian division of global cookware manufacturer, Meyer Cookware, has signed a six-figure deal with ERP developer, Pronto Software, to implement Pronto-Xi across the enterprise.

  • Homegrown: Pronto Software CEO, David Jackman

    <b>What is the 30-second pitch you give people on Pronto?</b>
    David Jackman: We sell software to medium size and larger businesses that enables to them to compete well against their competitors. By doing that it effectively means they can have a lower cost of ownership and a better user experience. This means they can be more nimble and particularly in this economic environment everyone is looking for nimble and quick.