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  • Ballmer sets loose Windows 7 public beta

    The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft will release a public beta this week of its next desktop operating system, Windows 7, hoping it will address the problems that have made Windows Vista perhaps the least popular OS in its history.

  • Windows XP still in demand

    Several distributors and systems builders claim Windows XP continues to be in strong demand and have welcomed Microsoft’s decision to make licensing available into mid-2009.

  • Report: Microsoft to do free Windows 7 upgrades

    Microsoft Corp. will offer free or discounted Windows 7 upgrades to users who buy <a href=";searchTerms=Microsoft+Windows+Vista">Vista</a> PCs after July 1, according to a Web site that has accurately predicted the company's moves in the past.

  • Microsoft promotes Muglia to president

    Microsoft has promoted Bob Muglia, the head of the company's server and tools division, to president, making him one of a handful of senior executives who carry this title.

  • Microsoft explains how it missed critical IE bug

    Microsoft's developers missed a critical bug in Internet Explorer because they weren't properly trained and didn't have the right testing tools, a noted proponent of the company's secure code development process acknowledged last week.

  • Microsoft embraces Web with hosted services

    Though the quest to acquire Yahoo dominated news surrounding Microsoft's Web strategy in 2008, another story was brewing quietly behind the scenes that could be even more significant for the company in the long run -- its move to offer hosted business productivity services.

  • Microsoft releases toolkit for reusing SharePoint portlets

    Microsoft has released a tool that allows developers to reuse data and mini-applications from SharePoint-based portals on rival portal software that otherwise would not be natively interoperable with SharePoint, the company said.

  • Microsoft sees 'huge increase' in IE attacks

    Microsoft has warned of a "huge increase" in attacks exploiting a critical unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE), and said some originated from hacked pornography sites.

  • Microsoft ESP moves beyond flight simulators

    Microsoft recently showcased version 2.0 of ESP, a virtual reality platform that aims to revolutionize the way many sectors train workers or plan and test products, at a trade conference.

  • Analysts expect Microsoft to warn on Q2 revenue

    Microsoft may have to warn Wall Street that it will fall short of its expectations for its fiscal 2009 second quarter because of the flagging PC market, according to financial analysts who follow the company.

  • Microsoft ESP: Virtual reality made cheaper

    Microsoft has launched version 2.0 of ESP, a virtual reality platform that aims to revolutionize the way many sectors train workers or plan and test products by allowing companies to build in-house simulation tools for far cheaper than possible before.

  • Microsoft issues mammoth security update

    Microsoft this week patched 28 vulnerabilities, nearly all of them marked "critical," in the biggest update since it switched to a regular monthly update schedule more than five years ago.