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  • Samsung beefs up Knox mobile management software

    One day after announcing the Galaxy S5 smartphone with a security-focused fingerprint scanner, Samsung announced that second-generation Knox software for enterprise-level security and management of Samsung devices will ship sometime in the second quarter.

  • Mobile platforms with 8GB memory may be on the way

    Vendors who have been calling tablets 'the new PCs' can now prove it. The development of 64-bit mobile processors opens the door for more addressable memory and PC-like performance on tablets and smartphones.

  • Just how cool is the Galaxy S 5 going to be, anyway?

    Now that the Galaxy S 5 is well and truly on its way, the initial flood of rumors has dried up a little, leaving behind only a trickle of speculation with a thin film of doubt floating on top. It's like climbers getting to the top of the mountain and wondering, "OK, what now?"

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 rumour roundup

    Like a frog in a cooking pot, I didn't notice that rumuors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 had really hit the boil until it was too late. But now, with steaming clouds of hearsay and a distinct aroma of scuttlebutt in the air, all that's left is to hope that the results will at least prove savory for the consumer. (Side note – can any readers tell me whether frog legs are any good? I'm curious, but also a little scared.)

  • Samsung offers new Android tablets and curved UHD TV

    Samsung introduced a 105-inch, curved-screen, Ultra High Definition TV at a pre-International CES news event, but the new product was upstaged when movie director Michael Bay walked offstage because of a problem with a teleprompter.

  • Blazing Samsungs, or how not to handle a product return

    Just picture it – you're walking down the street, not a care in the world, when suddenly your pocket starts to get warm. Have I left one of those hand warmers in there? Is a friend pranking me with a powerful laser? Where would my friends get a powerful laser, anyway? Why don't I have one?