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  • Verizon forcing Microsoft Bing search on BlackBerry users

    BlackBerry smartphone users on Verizon Wireless's U.S. cellular network may have noticed a small but significant change within their mobile web browsers in the past week or so: The only search engine option that's currently available to some Verizon customers via their BlackBerry Browsers' "Start" or "Go to" pages is now Microsoft Bing.

  • Bing gets an iPhone app

    Those who want a little less Google on their iPhones will soon be able to put a lot more Bing on their handsets. Microsoft is prepping a Bing iPhone app for immediate release via Apple's App Store to give iPhone users a Google alternative.

  • Bing goes down for a half hour

    A day after trumpeting various enhancements to Bing, including the beta version of an improved mapping service, Microsoft had to apologise for a widespread outage that kept the search engine offline for about 30 minutes on Thursday evening.

  • ACCC gives Yahoo!-Microsoft search deal the go-ahead

    Microsoft and Yahoo! May now have the critical mass to take on Google in the search and search advertising market in Australia, following the ACCC decision to allow a technology swap between the companies. Under the deal, [[artnid: 312913|Microsoft's Bing search engine will power Yahoo's search site|new]], and Yahoo will sell premium search advertising services for both companies. The terms of the agreement, which covers search only, is 10 years, in which Microsoft will have an exclusive license to Yahoo's core search technologies as well as the ability to integrate them into Bing. In turn, Bing will be the exclusive algorithmic search and paid search platform for Yahoo sites, but Yahoo will continue to use its technology and data in other areas of its business, in particular its display advertising.

  • New result clusters swirl into Google's image search

    Google is publicly testing a new image search interface whose results, when clicked on, don't take users to an external Web page but instead display the clicked-upon image at the center of a radiating cluster of similar thumbnails.

  • Bing to use Wolfram Alpha results

    Microsoft is rolling out some enhancements to its Bing search engine, including some that rely on computational information delivered by Wolfram Alpha.