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  • Three strategic steps to get started with AI

    Science-fiction writers and Hollywood film makers have, for many years, given so much to the development of technology by bringing fictional worlds to life. Often filled with incredible inventions that creatively solve challenges facing the real world at the time of writing, these futuristic stories have the capacity to inspire inventions that advance our civilisation.

  • IT shops losing control over technology

    A survey of more than 1,000 C-level executives shows that IT organizations are losing control over new technology adoption at their companies but are still held accountable for integrating the technologies securely into their company's infrastructure.

  • IT increasingly bypassed on cloud adoption

    IT departments, long criticized as being too slow in offering new technologies and services, may be facing a grassroots rebellion in many companies over cloud services.

  • Avanade MD makes his case for cloud computing

    With Microsoft increasingly talking up cloud computing it is not unexpected that Avanade, the consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform, and which was co-founded by Microsoft, is starting to talk up the benefits of running services in the cloud. To get a little more of a local insight where he thinks the market is positioned and what Avanade can offer organisations, we spoke to Craig Dower, managing director, Avanade Australia.

  • Avanade offers data centre ROI calculator

    Microsoft integrator Avanade has developed a tool that will assist organizations looking to measure the ROI (return on investment) that can be achieved when optimizing their data centers.