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  • Apple's WWDC keynote at 1 pm Eastern will finally settle rumors

    At 1 pm Eastern today, Apple introduces its newest software updates to a group of 5,000 avid developers at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Very little is known, but much is speculated about what the company will unveil, especially given the promise of "new product categories" to be introduced in 2014.

  • Palo Alto Networks report fingers UDP as major malware helper

    Palo Alto Networks' annual threat analysis of customer network traffic shows that botnet-controlled malware that makes its way into enterprise networks almost always uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to communicate, blending in with legitimate UDP-based applications such as video.

  • Bell Canada field-service techs say 'Goodbye laptops, hello smartphones'

    Thousands of Bell Canada field technicians this fall will begin doing their jobs of installing and testing telecom and media services connections with help from custom-designed smartphone apps rather than via their laptops. It's all part of what Bell Canada is calling its "One Device" mobile initiative, in essence, a mobility makeover.

  • The Internet of Things gets real

    A year ago, people were mostly talking about the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) -- what companies and government entities might do in the future to take advantage of this widespread network of connected objects.

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  • Gift Guide 2013: Kid stuff and geek stuff

    As a dad of three youngsters, one of my favorite categories in the holiday gift guide is seeing what technology-related fun we can dig up and play with. Here our a bunch of our favorite toys and silly geeky things that will keep your kids (or the kid in you) entertained for weeks, months or even years.

  • Gift Guide 2013: Extras and Accessories

    Our annual holiday gift guide always ends up with devices and gadgets that we just can't fit into the other buckets. But rather than not consider them, we create a "miscellaneous" bucket. If you're an artist, creative type or are just looking for something to keep track of your keys, check out some of these gift ideas / suggestions:

  • Gift Guide 2013: Audio gadgets

    Music drives a lot of what we get out of our technology devices - if you can't hear the music from your device, or share it with others, it's just a bunch of ones and zeros sitting on a magnetic hard drive.

  • Gift Guide 2013: POWER Gadgets

    In general giving someone the gift of a device that can recharge the battery on their smartphone or tablet might not be on the top of your list. After all, people are generally more excited opening the box on their new phone, tablet or music player than a small black box with power prongs attached to it.

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