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  • eyes CIOs with its AWS cloud IT services

    Although skeptics raised eyebrows over's decision to provide hosted IT infrastructure services, the e-commerce giant remains firmly committed to this business, as it increasingly courts CIOs and IT managers.

  • Sun co-founder hails database possibilities in Oracle deal

    Andreas von Bechtolsheim, a Sun Microsystems co-founder and the person who holds the distinction of being employee No. 1 at the company, expressed optimism Thursday about the planned Oracle-Sun merger's impacts on database technologies, but he stayed silent about the deal otherwise.

  • Amazon says listing problem was an error, not a hack

    Web retailer blamed a glitch that knocked gay-and-lesbian-themed books out of its main product search engine on a "ham-fisted cataloging error," and disputed one man's claim that he had hacked the site to make this happen.

  • Amazon automates Hadoop use for developers has launched a hosted service designed to simplify for developers the use of the Hadoop implementation of the MapReduce programming model for processing large data sets in processor clusters.

  • Discovery sues Amazon over Kindle

    Less than a month after delivering the second version of its Kindle ebook reader, Amazon has been hit with an intellectual property lawsuit from Discovery Communications, the company behind the Discovery Channel.

  • Adobe's new ebook reader ratchets up fight against Kindle

    Adobe Systems this week announced its second major move in the e-book market in the last five months as the multimedia software vendor looks to build a consortium to take on and its market-leading Kindle e-book reader.

  • Amazon opens up payments Web service to all

    Amazon continues to expand its set of web services. Flexible Payments Service (FPS), which allows developers to tap into Amazon's payments infrastructure, is now available to all, the company announced on Thursday.

  • expected to unveil Kindle 2 February 9

    By now, plenty of educated guesses have been offered up about what the next-generation Kindle e-reader will look like and do, and fans expect to find out for sure when holds a news conference in New York on February 9.

  • Should enterprises reconsider the cloud?

    With support for three of the major pillars of application development and deployment -- Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL, and open source MySQL -- under its belt, appears to be anticipating a major move by the enterprise into the cloud.

  • eBay may offer BI-as-a-service to companies

    eBay, which runs a gigantic data warehouse for internal business intelligence (BI) analytics, is considering taking it outside its firewall and offering it as a Web service to interested companies.