Stories by Jon Udell

Connecting with Web services

Web services are a species of componentized software. As such, the usual design patterns apply. Components need well-specified interfaces, and they must be reusable. More so than most conventional components, however, Web services tackle business processes that are widely distributed both in time and space. The new design pattern that arises in response to this challenge is called loose coupling.

Developing for .Net

FRAMINGHAM (03/05/2001) - Every couple of years, Microsoft Corp. hoists a flag to rally the troops. Win32, OLE, Component Object Model (COM), ActiveX and Windows DNA would, we were told, revolutionize the business of creating and deploying software. Because these campaigns addressed important issues, they were greeted with a measure of enthusiasm. Because they entailed risk, uncertainty and retraining, they were greeted with an equal measure of weary skepticism.

Digital IDs Matter

Here's a message I hope I'll never have to send: Hello. You're in my address book and therefore have probably been sent an e-mail "from me" containing a zipped attachment - which I supposedly received from [Sender], [Title] at [Prominent] [Company].