Stories by Stuart Corner

NBN demos 1Gbps over fixed wireless

NBN has demonstrated downstream bandwidth of 1.1 gigabit per second and 165 megabits per second upstream on its fixed wireless network, but says spectrum constraints make the chances of a commercial service very slim.

How Aussie innovation is helping secure IT

Last September a report by US think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, commissioned by Intel Security, found that 88 per cent of Australian IT decision makers surveyed believed there was a local shortage of cyber security skills.

Bank deploys Dell Boomi to deliver omnichannel customer service

​Teachers Mutual Bank has deployed the Dell Boomi cloud based integration platform to help it achieve its goal of delivering an omnichannel customer experience, where customer service operators have a completely integrated view of all information relating to a customer.

ITPA threatens to ‘out’ abusers of 457 visa scheme

The IT Professionals Association (ITPA), which represents some 7000 IT workers in systems administration and IT support roles, has called for greater transparency in the 457 visa scheme. The organisation says it has evidence that the scheme is being abused to hire people on lower salaries and into roles that could easily be filled locally.

Acquisition gives HPE access to Nimble’s secret analytics sauce

​Solid state storage manufacturer Nimble Storage, which is being acquired by HPE, is nominally, a storage manufacturer. However, its key differentiator, its ‘secret sauce’ according to the head of Nimble Storage Australia is its data analytics capabilities, which have applications wider than storage support.

GitHub ramps up ANZ and ASEAN focus

GitHub, the global service that provides Git-based online source code repositories accessible by multiple developers, announced its regional presence for ASEAN and ANZ, co-incident with the global launch of a software-as-a-service version of its enterprise product.

Optus launches commercial 4.5G service, trials pre-5G technology

Optus has announced the upgrade of its mobile network to the LTE-Advanced Pro standard (aka 4.5G) in the area around its headquarters in Macquarie Park, Sydney, saying the technology will be rolled out to provide 70 per cent coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide over the next 12 months.

From submarine searching to subsea cable surveys

RV Geo Resolution, a hydrographic survey vessel owned by Hong Kong base EGS Survey, will leave Sydney’s Glebe Island wharf in the next few days to commence surveying the seabed between Australia and the US in search of the optimal route for Southern Cross Cable’s new submarine cable, Next.

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