Stories by Maggie Biggs

Enterprise Toolbox

Chances are you're probably already analyzing the information housed in your company's relational databases. Doing so can provide you with vital statistics regarding sales, inventory, customer buying trends, and much more.

VelociGen Speeds Midtier Transactions

Making the move to electronic business can be tricky, particularly when it comes to integrating enterprise data and resources. If this is a goal of your organization, one option is to deploy one or more application servers that support component-level integration.

Product Review: Enterprise apps gain useful analysis tools

In today's fast-paced business environment, business and IT managers continually struggle to increase end-user productivity and improve customer response times. Capturing an end-to-end snapshot of application activity within a given period can go a long way toward arming you with the data necessary to address these challenges.

Product review: ServiceWise increases client satisfaction

Successful customer service organisations need a well-equipped arsenal of tools that will increase efficiency. TechExcel's ServiceWise 1.0 is a comprehensive solution that meets the challenge. It is a worthwhile investment for sites that want to improve customer relations.

Product review: Java 2 finds the midtier

Many organisations are grappling with the decision of whether to build and maintain distributed applications in-house or as an outsourced service. Sites choosing the former path will want to keep SilverStream Software's SilverStream 3.0 on the radar, as they can leverage the product's flexible deployment options and broad platform support.

Product Review: WebLogic server ideal for Web apps

Two of the major issues facing agencies considering application server deployments are the integration of the application server within an existing infrastructure and the degree to which distributed applications can grow over time.

Product Review: ForeSite masters integrations

There is a bevy of application servers on the market today. Choosing the best one for your site will require you to examine price as well as other factors -- such as functionality, reliability, manageability and the degree of customisation you need.

IBM HOD 4.0 Gets Security Boost

From the standpoint of new functionality, Version 4.0 of IBM Corp.'s SecureWay Host-On-Demand (HOD) does not represent a leap ahead for host access. However, current HOD customers and others who wish to bolster security and manageability will want to evaluate this release.

Enterprise Toolbox: Linux Growth on Midtier

There's no doubt that the Linux operating system has made significant inroads at companies big and small. "The operating system that could" has already proven reliable for a myriad of server-based tasks.