Stories by Maggie Biggs

Pair Programming: Development Times Two

Some things just seem like they were meant to be done alone: playing solitaire, driving a car, reading a book. The same goes for writing code. When you think about software development, you probably imagine a single person sitting in front of a computer screen, intensely cranking out lines of code. (OK, you might also picture empty pizza boxes, soda cans, and perhaps a bag of potato chips.) But is the "solo pilot" method the best way to organize a development team?

Enterprise Toolbox

President Clinton's recent signing of the electronic signature bill was hailed as a monumental moment. In one sense it is a major step forward, but cast in another light it is not so unexpected. More important, the bill has major implications for businesses of all stripes between now and March 1, 2001, when companies can begin accepting e-signatures on legal documents.

P3P Takes Steps to Address Concerns

I recently decided to take an unscientific poll among a group of friends over coffee. We considered online purchasing and privacy concerns. Of our group of 20 java junkies, only two ordered items online -- and these two had no problem with their private information being visible to others.

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Normally I'm a pretty upbeat kind of gal, but this week I'm feeling rather grouchy. I've been trying for the past six days to contact my broadband service provider and schedule an appointment.

Shakeout will Benefit Buyers and Suppliers

In the last year or so more than 600 new trading (or digital) exchanges have sprung up. This huge number of exchange start-ups will undoubtedly lead to some shrinkage in the coming year, as there are now too many players in the marketplace.

A Better Plan for Software QA

Mention the words "software quality" to any business or technology leader (or even any business or technology end-user) and you'll undoubtedly start a lively conversation. The majority of people will likely feel that software quality has declined during the last 10 years or so.

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The new economy has brought us terms such as knowledge workers, business intelligence, and competitive data. Indeed, we know more than we did in years past, but how are we using that information? I'd contend that we may be having more intelligent conversations but are getting less and less done (that's "done" as in implemented).

George Setlock: CTO of the Year Finalist

George Setlock, CTO of Medibix Corp. and finalist for InfoWorld CTO of the Year, exemplifies just how much the CTO role is changing with the onset of a digital economy. Although he's been CTO at Medibix for only eight months (the company has been in business for just over one year), Setlock has already had a big hand in driving forward the budding medical equipment digital marketplace.

Intelligent Business-Process Integration

The lack of integration among business processes is a key business problem that can adversely affect a CTO's plans, regardless of the type of industry he or she is in. Ignoring long-term and ad hoc integration requirements at your company will most certainly lead to trouble.