Stories by Nikolai Hampton

How can I tell if I’ve been hacked?

Intrusion detection systems and firewalls that detect and prevent network compromise are critical elements in any secure network environment. But, let’s get real: Many people lack working backups and decent password controls, let alone dedicated defensive gear.

The working dead: The security risks of outdated Linux kernels

Linux kernel security vulnerabilities are often in the headlines. Recently it was revealed a serious kernel vulnerability remained undiscovered for over a decade. But, what does this mean in a practical sense? Why is security of the Linux kernel important? And, what effects do vulnerabilities have on older or obsolete kernels that are persistent in many devices?

Quick and dirty guide to security policy creation

Your IT and information security processes should support your business activities. They should fit in with your organisation and be aligned with your goals, technologies, staff and capabilities.

Understanding hacking tools — why the NSA leak is trouble for us all

A storm has erupted over the theft and black-market sale of the US National Security Agency’s hacking tools. Edward Snowden revealed the widespread use of 'offensive security' tools in 2014. Since then, industry commentators have suggested that the tools and tactics used by the NSA may greatly harm Internet security.