Stories by John Ribeiro

Intel Data Center Push Reaches to Mumbai

As part of its global expansion, Intel Online Services (IOS), the Internet application hosting subsidiary of Intel Corp., is setting up a data center in Mumbai, India's financial and business hub.

U.S., Korean Joint Venture to Push VoIP

In a deal that will help push its voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology into Asian markets, San Jose, California-based empowerTel Networks Inc. is setting up a joint venture with LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Seoul-based LG Electronics Inc.

Sage Chips Display Video Inputs Simultaneously

New processor technology from California-based chip maker Sage Inc. will let manufacturers offer users LCDs (liquid-crystal displays) that can show simultaneous inputs from multiple sources, including HDTV (high-definition television), PC motherboards, and DVD (digital versatile disc) players.

Unimobile Aims at Wireless Services Worldwide

California-based startup Inc., which offers a two-way messaging service that connects desktop PCs to mobile devices, is hoping to make a splash in the wireless world by offering access to its virtual network to a variety of service providers and portals. The attraction is the opportunity for its collaborators to access a large number of mobile users globally, with a unique new package of wireless services and technology.

Microsoft to Boost Windows, Unix Integration

Bowing to the requirements of users who run systems with multiple operating environments, Microsoft is at work merging its Interix product line into the next version of its Windows Services for Unix (SFU).

SGI plans 64-bit overlay to Linux

Silicon Graphics (SGI) plans to develop an overlay to Linux that will enable the operating system to scale up to 64 Intel Corp. IA-64 processors in a multiprocessing environment.

Iomega to Set Up Software Business Unit

Utah-based portable storage vendor Iomega Corp. plans to set up a separate business unit to market and sell its backup and data management software, independently of its sales of storage products.

Ishoni Networks Launches Gateway on a Chip

Flush with a fresh injection of venture capital money, ishoni Networks Inc. yesterday announced what it calls "Gateway-on-a-Chip" technology for manufacturers making broadband customer premises equipment for Internet service providers and end users.

Indian Companies Team on DSL Application

The Telecommunications and Computer Networks Group (TeNet) of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Madras has introduced DSL (digital subscriber line) technology for simultaneous voice and Internet access.

Sun Signs Up India Developers for Forte Links

With the help of Indian software companies, Sun Microsystems Inc. will be offering adapters that link a variety of applications to its Forte Fusion Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) suite.

Novell India Develops TCP/IP Piece for NetWare 5.1

In an effort to take advantage of new multiprocessor-based hardware, Novell Inc.'s Indian software development is developing a multithreaded TCP/IP stack, which is to be integrated into the next release of NetWare, according to company officials.