Stories by Tim Lohman

More doubts surface over enforceability of ACMA's blacklist

With the leaking of the supposed Australian Communication & Media Authority's (ACMA) URL “blacklist”, further doubts have been raised over whether such a list, and even Web Filtering itself, can successfully achieve the federal government's goal of protecting Australians from undesirable content like child pornography.

First look: Internet Explorer 8.0 loves add-ons, search and acceleration

Amid increasing pressure from competing products from the likes of Google, Mozilla and Apple, Microsoft has released the biggest upgrade to its flagship Web browser in two years with Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8). TechWorld takes the most popular browser on the Internet for a spin and the result is a more extensible and powerful Web experience.

Delpride takes on BI consulting

Data warehousing specialist, Delpride, has launched a new consulting division to tap into the business intelligence market.

Sun ready to embrace StorageTek dealers

Sun is planning a local rollout of its new Data Management Group (DMG) by the end of the year in an attempt to manage the expanded product portfolio resulting from its acquisition of StorageTek.

Cisco plots out SMB plans

Cisco has unveiled a new communications bundle designed to capture a greater share of business in the current market sweet spot - SMB.

BroadSoft scoops up Aussie ISV

US vendor, BroadSoft, has acquired local ISV, Carbon Twelve, to get hold of its VoIP desktop client applications. Carbon's applications included a toolbar, which enabled users to make and accept telephone calls within Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.

HP stages PSG boot camp

Following the success of its imaging and printer recruitment roadshow, HP will hold a round of training to widen reseller interest in its personal systems range.

BenQ extends finance plans

BenQ has launched a new commercial finance lending program to help promote its image outside of the consumer market.

Alloys targets security market

Following the success of its inaugural network products conference last year, Alloys International has announced it will stage a similar event in October.

Destra buys GPM to boost business base

Destra has boosted its business customer base with the recent acquisition of ISP, GPM. The broadband, hosting, VPN and wireless provider was purchased for $600,000 through a mixture of cash and shares.