Stories by Brandon Butler

Egnyte looks to tap enterprise hybrid cloud market

There are two main types of cloud synchronization services available today, according to Terri McClure, a market analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group: consumer-focused ones, such as DropBox, and enterprise-focused ones such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Egnyte, a hybrid cloud provider, is looking to bridge the advantages of each with a new offering it released today.

Citrix releases desktop as a service improvements for providers

As desktop as a service (DaaS) continues to mature as a potential option for enterprises, service providers are attempting to automate and optimize their DaaS offerings, which officials at Citrix say will ultimately lead to lower costs and more choices for end users.

VMware eases cloud provisioning

VMware has made its vCloud Integration Manager available, which it says lets service providers more efficiently provision cloud networks for clients.

Are you paying too much for Cloud services?

Knowing exactly how much and what type of Cloud service a company needs is one of the more challenging aspects of deploying a Cloud strategy, and most enterprises are getting it wrong, according to experts.

Next up for DLP: The cloud?

Traditionally there have been two ways to host a data loss prevention security service: An on-premise application managed by the customer, or an on-premise application managed by the DLP supplier. BEW Global, a managed security service provider, has a third way: Through the cloud.

IT stressed over cloud and video bandwidth demands

IT executives understand the value of cloud services and videoconferencing tools, but one of the chief concerns remains the strain those services put on network bandwidth, according to a study released today.

Sony division drops AWS, goes OpenStack

The division of Sony that suffered a cyberattack last year, which led to a major PlayStation network outage and sensitive customer data being compromised, has dropped Amazon Web Services for at least a portion of its cloud hosting and computing in favor of an OpenStack platform hosted by Rackspace.

Chinese Firewall's most blocked terms

Terms related to political activists, anti-government movements and state censorship efforts are the most likely to be censored on Chinese blogs and social media sites, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.