Stories by Brandon Butler

Comparing participation in the open source cloud communities

With competition heating up in open source clouds, an analysis of community participation among four major projects shows that Eucalyptus - the oldest of those studied - has the largest standing community but OpenStack and CloudStack are gaining momentum in the developer community.

Microsoft details Azure security features

Microsoft has added its Azure cloud platform to the Cloud Security Alliance's STAR security registry, which is a listing where Cloud service providers post information about their security features.

OpenStack supporters downplay Citrix defection

Top coordinators of the OpenStack project shot back at Citrix for dropping its support for the open-source cloud development platform in favor of starting a separate open source project based on an Apache license.

Terremark launches private cloud edition

Some enterprise customers just aren't comfortable throwing their data into a public cloud environment, says Ellen Rubin, vice president of cloud products for Terremark, which is owned by Verizon.

Citrix ditches OpenStack for Apache

Citrix is giving its cloud deployment platform an Apache license, marking a migration away from the evolving OpenStack project and an embrace of Amazon Web Services offerings.

Carriers make their play in the cloud

The wave started last year when Time Warner Cable, the telecommunications company serving much of the Eastern United States, spent $230 million to purchase NaviSite, a provider of cloud services for businesses.

Cloud storage vendor wants to ease mobile collaboration

When files are stored in the cloud, many companies need access to them on mobile devices. And once they're on those devices, users want to be able to edit the files and place them back into the cloud. That process has been difficult at times, experts say, but cloud collaboration vendor, Box, is making some moves to address it.

Red Hat: What an open Cloud really means

Open source Cloud offerings have specific characteristics that provide benefits above and beyond proprietary offerings, two top officials at Red Hat said during a webinar today.

Latisys: Customers want off-premises private clouds

The public cloud doesn't work for everyone, says Pete Stevenson, CEO of Latisys, a cloud, managed hosting and colocation service provider that announced an expansion of its offerings and facilities today.

Cloud security registry slow to catch on

Last August the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas a registry that it hoped would serve as a place for prospective Cloud users to go to easily inspect and compare cloud vendors' security controls. But to date, only three companies have submitted their Cloud security data, making the registry of limited use.