Stories by Eric Lai

Users buying into free 'express' databases

Missouri State University's school of information systems and Web startup Savvica Inc. don't have a lot in common apart from tight budgets. In the recent past, their spending limitations likely would have meant choosing open-source software such as MySQL or Postgres as a database.

New license revenues for key Novell product falls

Novell's first-quarter 2006 revenues from licensing its key Open Enterprise Server (OES) operating system bundle fell 41 percent from the previous quarter, the software maker reported Thursday. Overall revenues also fell compared to the same period a year earlier.

Users tempted by free commercial databases

Missouri State University's information systems department and Web start-up Savvica don't have a lot in common apart from tight budgets. In recent years, that would have likely meant choosing a free open-source database such as MySQL or PostGres.

Microsoft releases SMS 2003 R2 beta

Microsoft announced the beta release of Systems Management Server 2003 R2, its tool to help businesses manage Windows environments. The software offers new ease-of-use and security capabilities.

Vulnerabilities seen in embedded databases

With Oracle's purchase last week of open-source embedded software maker SleepyCat Software, at least one security analyst believes that Oracle -- which has come under fire for security vulnerabilities in its core database -- could be adding more potential problems.

OSBC - Lack of support hinders open-source popularity

For all of the virtues of open-source software touted by backers, the level of commercial support available to enterprises today is not among them. Apart from Linux vendors such as Red Hat Inc. or Novell Inc., most of the firms that have commercialized open-source software are single-product firms barely out of the startup stage.

Microsoft to debut Office Live service

Microsoft will announce the free beta of its upcoming Office Live service for small businesses Wednesday and said it hopes to garner more than 100,000 beta users for it.

A new view of security in Vista

Companies beta testing Vista have been quick to praise new security features in the operating system which is due out by year's end.