Stories by Gabrielle Wheeler

Safe and sound

If sticking together can, as Carly Simon sang in Jacob Brackman's Safe and Sound, then managed security services might be worth investigating.

Getting to know you

Oscar Hammerstein, hopefully, made millions out of 'getting to know all about you' and that's a result - through cost cutting and business-boosting decisions - that many companies hope for with data integration projects.

Serving up seminars by remote

Taking to the road is a whole lot easier when there are guaranteed links to home. For Meryl Whetton that got easier last year when Sydney-based events organizer MVM upgraded its network.

Software corrals cowboy spending

Expenses, whether for travelling, accommodation or entertainment make for a monthly nightmare both for staff and for the accounts department. And it's not only a bad dream, it's a messy and expensive one.

Boot camp teaches testing basics

Test early and test often is an instruction that is increasing in its frequency and while testers have been a specialized group for some time, their numbers are growing.

Team training goes West

Continued training is a way of life in Western Australia for staff at Fujitsu Australia where five of the DBA team recently completed an intensive course for Oracle's Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional status.

Fraud propels demand for forensics training

In the 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em stakes', computer-based crime is driving more and more IT professionals to study the skills and tools needed to unravel and reveal the inner workings of cyber fraudsters.

Skills management hedges to C-level

Training has become such an important factor in company performance that Alex Smith, CEO of Learning solutions integrator Impart confidently predicts the days of the CLO (chief learning officer) are not too far distant.

Training in the tropics

If location, location, location is the key to property investment, could it also impact on training investment?

Centring business decisions

IT is not the be-all for small enterprise operators, in fact the less time spent on it the better for owners and managers whose primary concern is building a business.