Stories by Len Rust

Who's in charge of the (re)booting?

Each and every IT vendor in Australia must face the challenge of deciding how best to position themselves in a market where the dynamics continue to shift and customers and technologies create an unstable atmosphere. Len Rust examines the challenges

Getting a sense of the future

When an industry is changing as fast as Internet technology, having a sense of where things will go will separate the high performers from the also rans. There's also an overwhelming need for sensing skills today, not only to where IT will lead us next, but also into which industries. Len Rust looks at where it will lead

MapInfo sets execs for wireless boom

Location data and software company MapInfo is preparing for increased business as wireless technologies take off by beefing up its regional management structure. At Praxa the staff were going rather than coming, and during the week we also noted some unhappy departures of old friends from other companies