Stories by Maxwell Cooter

New system balances virtualisation workload

British virtualisation reseller Nebulas Solutions has developed a system that allows enterprises to automatically provision virtual services in an attempt to smooth out traffic spikes.

Veeam expands VMware back-up

Veeam has upgraded its VMware disaster recovery software to allow customers to use it in conjunction with ESX, ESXi and ESXi free. In addition, the software also offers fast-file recovery for Linux.

IBM to offer virtualised view of Lotus Notes

IBM has teamed up with Ubuntu and Virtual Bridges to offer a virtualised version of the popular Lotus Notes software. The companies claimed that users would be able to experience significant savings compared to a Windows-based machine.

VMware takes new view of desktop

VMware has introduced View 3, the updated version of its virtual data infrastructure (VDI) offering. The company claimed that the new product would reduce desktop storage demands by as much as 70 per cent.

IBM bundles up cloud initiatives

IBM has joined the companies jostling for position in the cloud computing space. The company has announced a variety of offerings that it claimed would allow users to better manager data and make collaboration easier.

Audit looks to tighten data center efficiency

It's a pressing problem; how can data centers be made more energy efficient when managers often have little idea as to the true environmental cost of running their data centers.

Red Hat to demo heavy Oracle processing

Red Hat is set to demonstrate heavy Oracle applications running on a virtualized environment at next week's VMWorld. The company also aims to perform a live migration during the demo, claiming to complete the migration much quicker than can any of its competitors.