Stories by Maxwell Cooter

Centennial smartens up asset management

Centennial Software has launched SAM.Suite to enable IT managers keep closer tabs on their software licences. The product comprises Centennial Discovery as well as the Centennial License Manager.

Micro Focus offers fast track to SOA

Companies looking to get a head-start with an SOA roll-out are being offered a new service from Micro Focus. The company has launched a new product called SOA Express that provides a way for customers to convert the code for existing services.

Sirocom bought by hungry Azzurri

Azzurri has snapped up virtual network operator Sirocom. Newbury-based Azzurri, a fixed and mobile voice consultancy and provider, is backed by financial organization PPM Capital and is an aggressive acquirer of companies.

EU-funded project will test open source viability

The European Union is funding a consortium that will test the quality of open source software. The money will help organizations determine whether the open-source software that they're using will be suitable for deployment in the enterprise.

SpikeSource launches in Europe

SpikeSource, the open-source services company, has launched itself in Europe, offering customers a range of software applications.

Cisco links radio systems through IP

Cisco has developed a system that allows users of private mobile radios (PMR) talk to each other - even if they use different radio standards and frequencies.

NetScaler pushes more compression

NetScaler claims to have vastly increased Web speeds with its latest software upgrade. New compression technology comes complete with lab tests, although the results have since been questioned over their flawed methodologies.