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David Gee

Transformation & Digital CIO

David is a well known Transformation & Digital CIO, he consults as an CXO Advisor in Financial Services.

With 18 years as a CIO, David has deep experience in digital change. At CUA he successfully led a major transformation of all systems and technology, this culminated in him winning CIO of the Year in 2014 for Financial Services.

He is heavily embedded in the Fintech startup ecosystem as an Advisor to Sapien Ventures, Tyro Fintech Hub, Venturetec Accelerator and also advises a number of startups.

David is a popular writer for a number of IT publications including CIO, Computerworld and CSO.

Answered questions (9)

What university courses would you recommend to someone interested in the cyber security field. Working in this space I currently have basic to moderate knowledge but would be interested in obtaining an academic qualification. As someone on the forefront of this industry perhaps you could point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance.

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Should critical organisational business data, have a material dollar value and be itemised as a business asset on a balance sheet?

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Your thoughts

How can a CIO today be an effective advocate of the business, when they don't come from the business?

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My colleague disrespects the CIO behind his back

I’ve heard my other IT Senior Manager at the coffee shop, say not so great things about our boss. I feel guilty by association and this could be overheard by others. My boss is not perfect, but I’m not sure what to do? Should I tell him or should I just ignore this??

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My job may be at risk as restructuring is occurring

I’m feeling a little vulnerable, there are growing business pressures at play and I think there is a restructure that is going on. I fear for my role and not sure I can do much to control this. What advice can you provide, I’m just not sure…..

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Renegade IT is really bugging me

My CIO has told me to improve my business stakeholder management skills. But I feel we are turning the other cheek as there I always find “renegade” IT in the business.

It doesn’t appear consistent in fact I’m very frustrated just think we are not working to the same standard.

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Report to the CFO and don’t feel valued

David, I've been a IT Manager for more than 5 years now, I enjoy my job but don't feel that I'm really recognised or valued. Right now I report into a CFO and feel somewhat constrained. How can I get to be a CIO and play with the big boys?

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