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Provider-1 is a comprehensive, carrier-class management solution for managed/Internet service providers. Unlike the management capability of other access control solutions, Provider-1 lowers service delivery costs by providing the ability to manage multiple security policies from a single point.

Provider-1 supports both premise-based or POP-based Check Point enforcement deployments. With Provider-1, each customer's unique policy for access control, authentication, virtual private networks (VPNs), network address translation, content security and auditing can be managed to the end user level.

The multi domain delivers the capability as well to easily navigate, view and modify an individual customer's policies, users and objects. MSPs reap the benefits of significant economies of scale and will experience a dramatic reduction in hardware and operating personnel costs as compared to an implementation without Provider-1.

Provider-1 includes an advanced and easy-to-use GUI and the architecture supports multiple GUI clients. Customers can be classified into groups and their security management distributed to different support personnel during business hours but consolidated at night. Alternatively, functional tasks such as monitoring, rule base configuration or user management can be assigned to specialised staff people. This flexibility helps MSPs optimise their use of scarce resources. Prices range from $139,412, depending on customer requirements. Provider-1 is currently available through Westcon, Express Data and LAN Systems.

Check Point: (02) 9493 6000 www.checkpoint.com D-LinkD-Link Australia has developed a networking solution for service providers that will allow ISPs, telephone companies and cable providers to offer their customers safe, affordable high-speed access and connectivity solutions via resellers and systems integrators.

Maurice Famularo, D-Link's marketing and channel manager, said: "D-Link will be offering its broadband networking solutions to support the highly competitive regional broadband carriers, as well as the burgeoning demand for secure high-speed Internet services."D-Link is attacking the market with two strategies: Infrastructure support with the networking switches and Ethernet products and security solutions for Internet broadband networks shared environment products.

D-Link security products provide secure firewalls for cable, xDSL, analog and ISDN Internet/ intranet connections. Advanced filtering technology, combined with simple-to-follow user interfaces allows the clients to customise their required level of security by allowing or disallowing any given service across their IP network.

D-Link 10/100 Ethernet network provides data and resource sharing using Unshielded Twisted Pair wiring (CAT 5) to deliver up to 200MB data speeds, which allows for a larger number of users without slowing down the network. It is suited to cable modem-type solutions.

D-Link 10/100 Ethernet Switches are available for a variety of devices that allocate port segments per connection, providing a wide array of homogeneous networks and support technology convergence. They are currently available at $2665, excluding tax.

D-Link: (02) 9417 7100www.dlink.com.au.


Cisco Systems this year announced the first products in an integrated access platform that enables service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy multiple services to SMBs and branch offices.

The Cisco 6700 Series Multi-Function Access Platform (MFAP) is a carrier-class family of products that integrate voice and data traffic and consolidate multiple network elements and services into a single, easy-to-manage platform.

The platform simplifies network deployment and enables service providers, such as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), interexchange carriers (IXCs) and integrated communications providers (ICPs) to reduce network costs and expand and deploy new service offerings quickly, thereby increasing profitability. In addition, the Cisco 6700 Series enables service providers to easily migrate to New World packet-based solutions, while maximising existing circuit-based offerings.

The first products in the Cisco 6700 Series Multi-Function Access Platform are the Cisco 6732 Full Access Device and the Cisco 6705 Integrated AccessDevice (IAD). The Cisco 6732 product is designed for central office (CO) and remote terminal (RT) applications and serves large service provider applications. The Cisco 6705 IAD interoperates with the Cisco 6732 chassis and is designed for RT and customer premise equipment (CPE) applications.

Pricings for entry-level configurations of the Cisco 6732 Full Access Device and 6705 Integrated Access Device are $9000 and $5000, respectively.

Both products are available now.

Cisco Systems: (02) 8448 7100www.cisco.com.auPacketeerPacketShaper is a bandwidth-management solution from Packeteer that brings predictable, efficient performance to applications running over enterprise wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet. Its four-step approach provides insight into and control over congested WAN access lnks.

PacketShaper discovers and classifies applications, analyses their performance, enforces policy-based bandwidth allocation, and generates reports.

PacketShaper sits behind WAN link routers to analyse and alleviate the associated bandwidth bottlenecks. Branch offices and remote sites benefit most from PacketShaper. Analysis proves useful even at branches whose application performance doesn't yet require PacketShaper's control features.

Installation requires plugging in two cables and entering access information on a web-Based set-up page. PacketShaper requires no changes to router configuration, desktops, or servers. A Web-based user interface provides access to PacketShaper from any desktop with a standard Web browser and a password.

PacketShaper integrates smoothly with central, third-party analysis and reporting platforms such as HP OpenView, Micromuse NETCOOL, InfoVista, and others. PacketShaper is available now. Prices start from $5380.

Packeteer: (02) 9657 1000www.packeteer.com

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