Technology Buyers Guide: A snapshot of firewall and encryption security devices

Axent Technologies

Prowler IDS Series

The Prowler IDS (intrusion detection solution) Series includes NetProwler 3.5 and Intruder Alert 3.5; delivers enterprise-class protection, combined with intuitive administrative controls. NetProwler 3.5 automatically discovers popular attack systems and applications and then applies the appropriate protection with minimal administrator intervention.

Intruder Alert 3.5 is a host intrusion detection solution, offering cross-platform monitoring, alerting and automated countermeasures.

Pricing: The Prowler IDS Series intuitive administrative console is included, except for the Intruder Alert Unix GUI, $822 per seat. Intruder Alert manager from $3313, agents at $1653 each. NetProwler manager from $4974, agents at $13,276 each. NetProwler Enterprise, including a licence for NetProwler and Intruder Alert from $18,258.

Contact: (03) 9576 5697

Baltimore Technologies

Family of products includes UniCERT Options, offering a set of PKI-based products, hosting services and professional services in a range of deployment models to manage e-business trust relationships. Baltimore UniCERT, a certificate management infrastructure, is a critical element of PKI. UniCERT uses digital certificates to provide authentication and non-repudiation facilities for Internet services.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9409 0300

Business Security Systems


NetLock network security software can be deployed throughout large networks on all major platforms. It features encryption algorithms including 168-bit Triple DES and 128 bit RC/4. NetLockProtects communications over pathways between networked computers, with firewall-like port filtering protection. NetLock has four components - Manager, which acts as a certificate authority to all agents; Agents, which have to be installed on all network workstations to allow secure communication; Gateway, to protect LAN segments using an operating system not currently supported by NetLock; Audit monitors all security transactions and policy changes.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9211 4333

Centura Software


Centura Software (formerly Gupta) provides 56-bit DES and 128-bit triple DES encryption via its SafeGarde products. Centura Software's encryption technology is integrated into its wireless connectivity suite of solutions (eSNAPP) as well as its family of embedded databases including Velocis, SQLBase and

Pricing: Based on deployment configuration.

Contact: (02) 9427 0222

Check Point Software Technologies


Provider-1 is a carrier-class management solution for managed service providers and enterprise networks and enables management of multiple security policies from a single point. It supports premise-based or POP-based check point enforcement deployments running on a variety of platforms. Features include merge multiple firewall-1 management consoles to a single hardware server, database segmentation, single point of backup and restore, scalability, distributed logging and alerts.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9493 6000


Internet Security Healthcheck Services

Compaq provides a range of enterprise security solutions to assist companies to assess and manage Internet security risks.

Using a three-step approach, Compaq assesses security vulnerabilities, identifies possible solutions and implements the appropriate software for ongoing monitoring and protection.

Internet Security Healthcheck supports a variety of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Unix-based configurations, including Internet-connected hosts functioning as Internet servers; firewalls controlling TCP/IP traffic between the Internet and an intranet; firewalls used to segregate TCP/IP traffic across intranets; proxy servers and intranet-connected nodes.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1300 368 369.

Content Technologies

A range of MIMEsweeper products apply to areas such as e-mail, the Web and encryption and authentication. It is a content security solution that enables companies to define and monitor what is acceptable electronic content in their business environment.

The products protect against internal and external threats including confidentiality breaches, exposure to legal liability, infection and loss of data from e-mail borne viruses, lost productivity and damage to reputation through misuse of e-mail, spam attacks and degradation and loss of network service through misuse and hostile attacks.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9413 1444

D-Link Australia

Residential Gateway

DI-701 Residential Gateway acts as a firewall for PCs to protect the user's computer from unwanted intruders.

DI-701 functions as an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet-based Residential Gateway, providing one local 10/100 Dual Speed Ethernet port for connection to a home or small office network and one 10Mb Ethernet global port for a DSL modem, cable modem, or other broadband access device. DI-701's GUI set-up interface requires Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000. Telnet and terminal set-up are operating system independent.

Pricing: $437 (ex tax)

Contact: (02) 9417 7100

East Coast Software

GuardianPro eNT

Features real-time performance monitoring (RPM) to manage Internet traffic, while providing centrally-managed, high-level security and privacy. It detects denial of service (DoS) attacks and features a browser setup utility. eTrust Intrusion Detection delivers network protection including protection against the deployment and execution of distributed denial of service attacks. eTrust Intrusion Detection includes an integrated antivirus engine with automatic signature updates.

Pricing: eTrust Intrusion Detection from $3600, GuardianPro eNT from $ AustraliaVeriSign OnSiteVeriSign OnSite is an integrated PKI managed service, enabling the enterprise to issue digital certificates to partners, customers and employees as well as servers, routers and firewalls. The service is offered anywhere in the world, 24x7, to secure intranet, extranet, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and e-commerce applications.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (03) 9674 5500

Executive Computing Group


CyberFusion is a 448-bit encryption solution that eliminates risk involved in data transfers across the Internet. CyberFusion is designed to assist e-commerce businesses by moving either small or massive quantities of information across the Internet reliably and securely.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: (02) 9816 3433

Global One

Global Internet VPN

The Global Internet VPN service allows corporations to transfer data efficiently over a virtual private network (VPN), using standards-based IPSc tunnelling and encryption to provide reliable security on public or privately shared IP networks.

Global Internet VPN was introduced in response to the increasing use of Internet and intranet, extranet and remote access services as well as for e-business and e-commerce applications. The product is capable of supporting thousands of users.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9290 9000


Identikey provides Internet security to use a digital key held up to a PC screen and provides individualised access to Web sites. Sensitive information can be put on Web pages and accessed by specific users by using Identikey and it provides restricted access to information on the Web site. Key features of Identikey include: key locks when wrong PIN is used, unique identification code, lost keys are deactivated immediately, access code is selected randomly by server, site traffic is tracked, access code expires after one minute, access is granted or disabled by systems administrator.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: (02) 9719 8855

Lucent Technologies

Virtual Private Network Gateway

Lucent's VPN Gateway comprises an integrated firewall/VPN gateway hardware appliance (LVG201) which provides the fundamental encryption, decryption and security functions; the Lucent IPSec Client which is a "shim" installed on Windows 95/98/NT platform allowing telecommuters and road warriors to create secure connections with the LVG201 and VPN-enabled multiservice routers; and the Lucent Security Management Server (LSMS) software which handles configuration, management and collection and analysis of audit data from hundreds of LVG201s, thousands of Lucent IPSec client users and all Lucent RealSecure intrusion detection engines.

Price: Starter kit $US9995 ex tax

Contact: (02) 6273 5044

Network Associates

E-ppliance 300

The WebShield E-ppliance series combines hardware and software in an integrated network appliance. The WebShield 300 E-ppliance offers Gauntlet Firewall, McAfee antivirus, and VPN server in a plug-and-play system. Gauntlet adds remote management and enterprise security policy enforcement options. Antispam and antirelay features prevent unwanted e-mail and traffic, while an included CyberPatrol subscription blocks out inappropriate Web content. Gauntlet's native fail-over protection keeps firewall services up and running for ongoing Internet availability.

Pricing: from $24,833

Contact: 1300 361 367

RSA Security

SecurID, Keon

SecurID solutions provide centrally managed, two-factor user authentication services for enterprise networks, operating systems, e-commerce Web sites and other IT infrastructure. It ensures only authorised users access data, applications and communications. Installations are managed through ACE/Server authentication management software. Keon is a family of interoperable, standards-based PKI products for enabling, managing and simplifying the use of digital certificates to secure Internet and e-business applications. Keon advanced PKI software combines security server and desktop components.

Pricing: on Application

Contact: (02) 9955 0601


Enterprise Application Server 3.5

This provides scalable e-business solutions, incorporating powerful component transaction server and a Web-page server. It maintains secure communication between a client and host using SSL with public key cryptography techniques for authentication and encryption. The security manager allows you to manage client keys, certificate and trust information. It provides preconfigured security profiles but also allows you to define and manage your own.

Pricing: from $980

Contact: 1800 805 349

Symantec Australia

Norton AntiVirus

Enterprise Solution 4.0 provides enterprise-wide virus protection that covers gateways, firewalls, servers and desktops. This tool allows administrators to set and lock down IT policies from a single console to keep DOS, Windows, and NetWare servers and desktops properly configured. The solution automatically scans, detects, and quarantines known and unknown viruses.

Pricing: From $129.80 per seat for 10 to 24 users.

Contact: 1800 680 026


3Com's Internet security products cover both external and internal security. OfficeConnect Internet firewalls offer LAN security by denying unauthorised access. The Web site filter provides Internet firewalls with an automatically updated list of controlled sites according to predefined categories.

OfficeConnect Internet Firewall DMZ provides Internet security for up to 100 users with a demilitarised zone (DMZ) port for connecting publicly accessible servers such as a Web server. The DMZ port is protected from DoS hacker attacks, but can be accessed by external Internet users. For internal network security 3Com has implemented IPSec encryption acceleration on its 3CR990 10/100 NIC.

Pricing: OfficeConnect Internet Firewall 25 $1290; OfficeConnect Internet Firewall DMZ $2900; 3CR990 10/100 PCI NIC with 3XP processor $220.

Contact: 1800 644 606

Tivoli Systems

SecureWay Security

The suite of products comprises:

* Security manager - role-based, centralised control; * User administration;* Global sign-on - secure, single point of entry to computing resources;* Policy director and privacy manager;* Risk manager - enables centrally manage Internet attacks, threats and exposures.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 13 2426

Top Layer Networks


AppSwitch 7 layer switch provides high-speed packet filtering and can be used with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to detect and stop DoS attacks. The AppSwitch performs intelligent filtering at Layers 3 through 7 allowing a network manager to filter distributed DoS attack traffic at wire speed. The AppSwitch is used to defend company servers and check traffic before it passes through the firewall on its way into the network, without affecting performance.

Pricing: $18,995 (entry); $25,995 (midrange); $34,995 (high end). Software - $5995Contact: 0408 208 775www.toplayer.comTrend Micro NeaTSuiteIntegrated family of virus protection products that cover every access point in Windows NT and 2000 based networks to provide a multilayered defence against viruses. It includes groupware, intranet server, Internet gateway, LAN server and client virus protection products. Also includes Virus Control System (VCS) which provides a single Web-based console to manage all of the antivirus products on the network.

Pricing: $2750 for 25 users

Contact: (02) 8876-5678

Triton Secure

Saflink SAFsite

A software developer's toolkit, allowing multi-biometric identification and authentication to be integrated into Web-based enterprise network applications built with leading Internet rapid application development (RAD) tools. Each user, whether Web-site administrator, employee or customer, attempting to access protected, proprietary information is biometrically authenticated by SAFsite prior to gaining access permission.

Pricing: $346.00 server pack, four users. Licence fees per user: from 5 to 100 users - $86.50; 500 to 999 users - $53.10.

Contact: (02) 9929 2511

Watchguard Technologies

Network Security Appliances

* Watchguard SOHO - entry-level firewall supporting 10 to 50 users.

* Watchguard Firebox II is a 3-port Firewall * Watchguard LiveSecurity - firewall protection and authentication for every office, encryption for all communications with Watchguard's IPSEC VPN, and outbound Web-access control.

* Firebox II Plus supports up to 5000 authenticated users.

Pricing: Watchguard SOHO $950 for 10 users; Watchguard Firebox II $8190Contact: (02) 9688

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