AnonOps NZ: "New Zealand government, do you want to play a game?"

Anonymous Twitter account posts riddle, in first sign of activity since Sunday's "Operation Kiwi Freedom" announcement

Update: AnonOps NZ encourages Kiwis to "send [MPs] your love"

On Sunday, purported members of Hactivist group Anonymous announced 'Operation Kiwi Freedom', warning of operations stepping up within the next week. In the first sign of activity since then, Twitter account @AnonOpsNZ has posted an attack-warning, aimed at the New Zealand government, in the form of a riddle.

12:09pm @AnonOpsNZ New Zealand government, do you want to play a game? #opKiwiFreedom
12:12pm @AnonOpsNZ In the time of the Harvest Moon. The flightless bird will spread its wings. #opKiwiFreedom
12:12pm @AnonOpsNZ On the anniversary of Helios's fury. The southern lights awoke to send a message. #opKiwiFreedom
12:14pm @AnonOpsNZ On a certain day, when two hands reach for the sky. Destruction will come cloaked, after a time of celebration. #opKiwiFreedom
12:48pm @AnonOpsNZ Mars predicts war, it's to late. On the anniversary of animal sacrifice, the two-horse chariots race. #opKiwiFreedom
12:51pm @AnonOpsNZ A beacon of truth will light the way. Illuminating the growing darkness, in a place we call our home. #opKiwiFreedom
1:07pm @AnonOpsNZ Banding together is the only option. United as one, divided by zero. Let our voices be heard, we shall not be oppressed. #opKiwiFreedom
1:08pm @AnonOpsNZ This struggle is not yours alone, but for the whole of mankind. For as long as there is one of us standing, we are legion. #opKiwiFreedom

Unravelling the Riddle

A "Harvest Moon" is a full moon during Autumn, which according to US-based Wikipedia is "usually in September". Though this represents Spring in New Zealand, it is likely Anonymous' riddle refers to September's full moon, which according to occurs this year on 19 September.

"The flightless bird will spread its wings" may simply be a poetic reference to the 'Operation Kiwi Freedom' title.

19 September is widely recognised among internet denizens -- including users of imageboard 4chan, where Anonymous originated -- as "International Talk Like A Pirate Day". This is not mentioned in the riddle, and may be coincidental.

"Flightless bird" may be seen as a reference to the Kiwi, the flightless bird native to New Zealand which serves as both a national symbol, and a colloquial term for New Zealanders. Spreading of wings is commonly used a symbol of freedom, particularly in American iconography in relation to the Bald Eagle. As such, "The flightless bird will spread its wings" may simply be a poetic reference to the 'Operation Kiwi Freedom' title.

We're unsure what "the anniversary of Helios's fury" might refer to. In Ancient Greek mythology, Helios is the god of the sun. The "southern lights" may refer to the Aurora Australis, the southern equivalent to the Aurora Borealis, or "Northern Lights". We have no insight into either reference at this stage.

"When two hands reach for the sky" may reference a specific time, which could be 12:00am or 12:00pm (literally, 'when two hands of a timepiece are pointing upward'). This is the simplest interpretation -- a reference to time, when previous tweets likely point to a date, in the same astronomical theme.

"Destruction will come cloaked" appears to point to an anonymous attack.

"After a time of celebration" or the following "on the anniversary of animal sacrifice" are unclear. There are no festivals or religious observances on 19 September that involve animal sacrifice, nor any local celebrations. However, "in the time of the harvest moon" may refer to the period of 5 September through 5 October, between new moons.

The remainder of the message appears fairly straightforward.

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