Verizon acknowledges signal strength bug on Galaxy Nexus

Verizon has acknowledged a software bug on its new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone that is preventing users from getting the maximum four bars of signal strength.

Verizon acknowledged a problem with the Galaxy Nexus' signal strength over its Verizon Wireless Support Twitter account today after a Roanoke, Va.-based user named Jack Doyle complained that he could typically get a maximum of two bars of signal strength on the device while saying that he only saw it go up to three bars once.

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Doyle also said that a friend of his living in the Orlando, Fla., area was experiencing similar problems with his Galaxy Nexus device. Doyle reported that his voice service on the device was "OK" but also said that his LTE data service was relatively slow compared to what he'd become accustomed to.

In response to Doyle's questions, Verizon's support Twitter feed informed him that the "signal strength issue is currently being investigated" and that a software update was being prepared to fix the bug. Verizon did not give an estimated time for when the software fix would be available, however.

Another Galaxy Nexus user named David who uses the Twitter handle @thatspsychotic also reported getting weaker-than-normal signal strength on the device. In fact, he said that when he placed a Verizon iPhone and a Galaxy Nexus side-by-side, he found that the iPhone got three bars of signal strength while the Galaxy Nexus only got one. He also said that he could still access data with low signal bar strength but that it was not as fast as he was used to.

The Galaxy Nexus was released last week and is intended to be the showcase device for Google's Android 4.0 (a.k.a., "Ice Cream Sandwich") mobile platform. The Galaxy Nexus also features a 4.65-inch HD display screen with edge-to-edge 720p resolution, a 5MP camera that can shoot video at 1080p, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

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