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Virtual Computer brings reduced PC management costs to Australia and Asia-Pacific

  • 10 November, 2009 14:54

<p>SYDNEY— November 9, 2009 — Virtual Computer, Inc., the company redefining PC lifecycle management through virtualisation, today announced its expansion into Australia and Asia-Pacific in response to global demand for its award-winning NxTop solution.</p>
<p>By combining a powerful centralised management console with groundbreaking PC virtualisation technology, NxTop reduces PC management costs and improves system security. Virtual Computer is partnering with leading value-added resellers (VARs) to deliver the one-to-many PC management capabilities of NxTop to desktop IT administrators throughout the region.</p>
<p>A number of prominent VARs in Australia and Asia-Pacific are already seeing strong demand for the industry’s first PC lifecycle management solution based on “bare-metal” client virtualisation. Key VARs in the region who have already partnered with Virtual Computer include: BEarena, RDA Group, BizCarta, KeyTrust, Seccom Global, Dataflex, BTG New Zealand and ASE IT Networks.</p>
<p>“Virtual Computer’s NxTop is an ideal addition to our catalogue of services,” said Darren Ashley, Technical Director of BEarena PTY Ltd., a leading virtualisation solutions provider. “Before NxTop, we were unable to penetrate the desktop virtualisation market due to the cost and complexity of server-based desktop approaches, as well as their failure to address the growing population of laptop users. Virtual Computer has overcome these challenges to deliver a compelling and more comprehensive solution to desktop IT managers.”</p>
<p>Martin Harris, Director of the RDA Group, a national Australian IT consultancy firm, said: “We are extremely impressed with NxTop’s rich desktop management capabilities.The management interface is powerful yet easy to use, allowing IT adminstrators to reduce management costs for both desktop and laptop PCs, improve corporate data security, and establish a smooth and painless migration path to Windows 7.”</p>
<p>Unlike the first generation of server-centric desktop virtualisation solutions, NxTop provides all of the management and security benefits that virtualisation affords while avoiding the data centre expenses, user experience degradation, and mobility limitations that have slowed the adoption of desktop vitualisation to date. The NxTop platform consists of two components:</p>
<p>NxTop Center: A feature-rich management console used by IT administrators to create, manage, and maintain virtual desktop environments centrally.
NxTop Engine: A “bare metal” hypervisor and management control framework capable of running and servicing virtual desktops directly on PC hardware.</p>
<p>NxTop delivers provisioning, publishing and patching of the base operating system on a one-to-many basis, removing cost, complexity, and risk from the PC lifecycle management process. The solution also includes policy-based user data and profile backup and restoration, enabling the IT staff to re-deploy users to a new PC in minutes in the event of a system loss, theft, or failure.</p>
<p>In addition to maximising the productivity of IT team and end-users, NxTop protects sensitive corporate data on PCs through a variety of security measures such as cryptographic disk, remote kill, time-based desktop expiration, and data leakage prevention. With NxTop, IT can manage thousands of computers as easily as one, with no loss of the personalisation or customisation that PC users demand.</p>
<p>“We have already had great success utilising techniques such as OS streaming to centralise PC image management for stationary users,” said Steve Harris, Director of BTG New Zealand, a fully integrated IT solutions provider. “We believe that the bare-metal client hypervisor approach employed by NxTop will bring the benefits of centralised management to the complete array of corporate PCs, including the offline laptop PCs that have gone unaddressed to date.”</p>
<p>About Virtual Computer, Inc.</p>
<p>Virtual Computer, Inc. – - is redefining PC lifecycle management by making it as easy to manage a thousand PCs as it is to manage one. NxTop™, the company’s flagship PC management product, combines a bare-metal client virtualisation platform with a powerful central management system to dramatically reduce PC management costs, while improving reliability, security, and the end-user experience. NxTop uses advanced virtualisation technology to isolate the main components of a PC: the hardware, operating system, applications, and user data, allowing each to be managed independently. Founded in 2007, Virtual Computer is privately held and headquartered in Westford, MA. For more information visit us</p>
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