Power poser for Indian data centres

Infrastructure challenges still dog the growth of the Indian industry

The Indian market is experiencing substantial growth and will reach a value of more than $US1.5 billion by 2010, according to a report from consulting company and data centre market specialist BroadGroup

Based on a study detailing the profiles of 34 players, the report revealed that while growth is occurring at unprecedented levels, challenges remain, particularly those relating to infrastructure, power - and the quality of power - and land availability. Technical space will nevertheless more than double over the next two years. Fuelled by offshoring, overseas MNCs, and domestic demand, data centres in India have experienced significant growth over recent years, and as the survey reveals, new build and plans for new build, are producing a spike in space that will more than double current capacity.

The core of the report details profiles of 34 players in India, both overseas and domestic, and the report examines current availability, location, and expansion plans. The scale and capacity of the international ambitions of the top five players is supported by significant and growing demand from the local market. Although global MNCs are becoming selective about the robustness of power supply, security, and green credentials, overseas systems integrators and consultancies are sustaining and expanding their investments in India.

"India has the opportunity to become a global hub," said Frank Booty, editor of Data Centre News. "India's language capabilities, skill levels, culture, and governance are suited to the country becoming a global hub. It also has a resilient economy driving domestic demand for services. Until now much of the data coming out of India has been stored on servers in the US."

Data centre build over the coming years, however, will need to reflect the green standards increasingly included in corporate RFPs, and there is an urgent need to address how the infrastructure will cope with the levels of power demanded by these plans.

Len Rust is publisher of The Rust Report

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