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Due for release shortly, IBM's G78 is a 17 inch CRT monitor, the vendor's newest addition to its G Series Monitors family. It has flat shadow mask technology, which IBM says significantly reduces glare and minimises distortion, especially around the edges and in the corners of the screen. The G78 has a 16 inch viewable image size. IBM offers the G78 in either "Pearl White" or "Stealth Black". It is aimed at corporates, and small office or home office environments. RRP is $649, including GST.

IBM: 132 426



Eizo's T561 is this vendor's new 17 inch CRT model. It has a fully flat screen aperture grill monitor, which the company says gives virtually no geometric distortion. There is also a signal filter and fine contrast function. Maximum resolution is 1600 x 1200, with a refresh rate of 76Hz. The T561 is designed for business and graphics applications. RRP is $1065, including tax.

Eizo distributor - Arcadia: (02) 9239 1500www.eizo.co.jpMitsubishi ElectricOne of Mitsubishi Electric's new CRT monitors is its Diamond View DV17NF, which the vendor claims has a perfectly flat 17 inch screen with a 16 inch diagonal viewable image. Features include a 0.25mm pitch aperture grille and high-contrast optical-quality coating. The DV17NF has 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution at 85Hz. It is aimed at professional graphics and corporate customers. Other features include a range of image adjustments using an on-screen display. The RRP, including GST, is $810.

Mitsubishi Electric: (02) 9684 7777



Philips 109P 19 inch Real Flat monitor uses Philips' Image Clear Enhancement (ICE) technology. According to the vendor, the technology includes a special inner surface of the Real Flat tube, which is designed so the screen appears flat from 75-100cm with no distortion of on-screen images. The 109P has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1440, with flicker free display of 1280 x 1024 at up to 103Hz. Other features include auto calibrate, which Philips claims extends the life of the monitor by up to 32 per cent. RRP is $1140.

Philips: 1800 658 086



KDS' AV-7TF is the latest 17 inch model in the vendor's Avitron range. It uses FD Trinitron technology and is aimed at high-end graphics use. The AV-7TF has 16 inches of flat screen viewing space, and according to the company, this, coupled with its use of Trinitron tube technology, gives the user a crisp picture without the curvature of a standard CRT monitor. The trinitron monitor has tinted aperture grille and 90 degrees deflection. It has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz. Features include on-screen digital control and a number of user controls. The SRP is $699, including GST.

KDS: (03) 9866 6800



New from Panasonic is its PF90, a 17 inch monitor. It has a maximum refresh of 1800 x 1600 at 85Hz. The PF90 also has a 0.24mm dot pitch. According to Panasonic, the PF90's completely flat viewing surface means less reflection, to enable a clear view of the entire screen. This model also has internal CRT curvature ratio, designed to correct the illusion of screen indentation. It has a tilt-and-swivel stand and screen parameters can be adjusted using the on-screen display. RRP is $1288, including GST.

Panasonic: 132 600



New from Acer is its P911 CRT monitor, which is 19 inches, with a viewable screen size of 18 inches. This model has an aperture grill natural flat tube with 0.25mm diagonal-dot pitch. The maximum resolution of the P911 is 1600 x 1200, with a recommended resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 85Hz. It is also possible to adjust display settings with the on-screen controls, and the P911 has one-touch "i key" auto callibration. The RRP, including tax, is $1081.

Acer Peripherals: 1300 366 567


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