Unisys banks on e-business to boost revenues

E-business has finally made it to Unisys' radar screen.

With the release of its new online business solutions package, e-@ction, Unisys is hoping to treble its e-business revenues within a year.

Following the launch of the package, Ron Frankenfield, vice president and general manager for Unisys South Pacific, said the company currently generated 20 per cent of revenues through e-business, but expects this to approach 50 per cent by the end of 2001.

The new package will include 60 integrated software solutions, including video-on-demand, WAP and natural language applications, Frankenfield said. The release e-@action coincides with the upcoming release of Windows 2000.

Frankenfield said businesses could be divided into two categories: bricks and mortar (B&M) businesses and online businesses.

He said neither could succeed in its pure form because online business needed logistical resources to support customer relationships and B&M businesses needed the Web as a "front end".

The "second wave" of e-business would see a hybrid of both models become the successful business model, he said.

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